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Indian art villa hammered copper water pot matka (8 ltr)

Made of pure copper and a brass faucet.
Free from BPA and other toxic chemicals that can leach into your food and water cause hormonal imbalances in the body.
Benefits Copper has been in pre-historic times by Indians, Egyptians, Greeks for storing water. According to these cultures, water stored overnight in a copper vessel has many health benefits like repairing wounds, prevent heart disease, osteoporosis and arthritis, and fighting infections. Modern science, however, has not yet corroborated these claims. 
Capacity 8 Litre

Copper is fully recyclable without any loss of quality, both from a raw state and from manufactured products. In volume, copper is the third most recycled metal in the world. An estimated 80% of all copper ever mined is still in use today. Its a great material to own, and will last you forever. However, like other metals, copper is not biodegradable.
A copper product that has run its life, should be disposed of responsibly in a recycling facility or to a scrap vendor. Often, sellers of copper products also take back used and old ones for a resale value.