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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At Spree, we are trying to bring to light products made with love, care, and good intentions. We deeply care about health, environment and everyone from the artisan to the seller who is part of the process of creation. We strive to showcase products that are fair trade, sustainable, earth & health friendly while making sure there is no compromise on aesthetics and design. All the products we list on our website have to necessarily fall in either of the three criteria that we hold most dear to us. These are Earth, Health & Ethics.


Sustainability is the need of the hour. Time is up on waiting. Our oceans are writhing in pain, our lands are filled to the brim with waste, our air is polluted with toxins.

Meaningful and genuine efforts are required by each and every one of us to ensure the survival of our planet. We believe that with multiple small adjustments to our consumption patterns, we can reduce our impact on the planet, the life on it and consequently on ourselves. Our world is innovations abound and alternatives are just around the corner. It is our privilege and endeavour at Spree, to bring the most elegant alternatives to the products we buy, consume and dispose on a daily basis, which are kind to the planet. 


Lack of transparency on what we eat, drink, breathe, apply on our bodies has lead to an explosion of health issues. In an effort to undo this effect, we need to choose more carefully from the sea of seemingly opaque products. Physical health is slowly becoming a priority in lives of many, but mental health still remains in the shadows.

There are a handful of well-intentioned organizations that value transparency. With the help of these, we research all our products for their ingredients/composition and their potential ill-effects on the human body. To have a more holistic solution to health issues, we have also tried including products that are deemed good for mental well being. These include musical instruments, gardening tools, puzzles, board games, journals. 

Only when we are satisfied, do we feature wellness products on Spree.


In a race to owning the most material, we often forget about who actually makes the things we buy. More often than not, big corporations undercut their prices to compete in the market at the cost of dirt cheap labor which is based in the cities of the third-world with deplorable working conditions. We are taught and trained by marketing campaigns to keep up with the new trend and buy, use and dispose of, faster and faster. All of this comes at the cost of squeezing the life out the planet's life and resources.

We believe that as human beings we can personally contribute to the well-being of the underprivileged, just by buying better. We place immense value in the fair-trade label which ensures that no labor is exploited in the production process, that they are given due benefits, a healthy working atmosphere, and support whenever required. We also place our trust in brands that are keeping artisans alive by giving their artforms a new contemporary use, and place in the urban life.

Our most ideal solutions are a combination of all the three factors above.