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Polar loop

Polar Loop has all the typical features that you expect in a fitness tracker (step counting, calories burnt, distance walk, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking). What's different is the depth of the intelligence with which these features have been built. For instance, Smart Calories calculates your burnt calories based on multiple criteria - your weight, height, heart rate amongst others to give you a burn rate accurate only for you. Another feature is Activity Guide which not just tells your activity through the day but gives you practical guidance like  ‘walk for 50 minutes or jog for 20 minutes’ to push you towards your goals. Energy Pointer lets you optimise fat burning & fitness improvement. By closely monitoring your heart rate it tells you what pace to walk/jog/run to achieve your goals.

Perfect For
People who prefer guidance/coaching in their workouts

We would buy it because
Personalisation + Guidance


About Polar

Polar was the first company to get a patent for wireless heart rate technology - their founder was the inventor of the first wireless EKG heart rate monitor. Polar is known for their rigorous scientific process and focus on precision.Their tagline is "Listens to your body" and they translate this philosophy very literally into their products. Polar fitness trackers are very intelligently designed to make workout more efficient for every individual.