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Krya natural detergent powder 400 g

Made of forest collected Soapberries, this product is a completely natural alternative to the chemical-laden detergents which are full of allergens that stick to your clothes and cause skin problems. 
Free from LABSA, Enzymes, Phosphates, Bleaches, extracts, fillers, additives.
Does it foam?
Yes. Rather well.
Does it remove stains?
The detergent is tested for common stains including turmeric, chocolate, sauce, blood, oil, grease and mud. It performs as well or better than any chemical detergent on removing these stains.
Is it tough enough for regular clothes?
Yes, you can use it on clothes and home linen
Is it economical to use?
The recommended usage is 10 gm for a full 5 kg washing machine load. This means that the 400 gm pack will give you 40 washes and at an MRP of Rs 290, the krya detergent cost per wash is Rs 7.25 as opposed to Rs 13 for a common detergent
Can I use it in my front load washing machine?
Yes. The low foam formulation helps extend the life of your machine.
Washing Instructions Machine-Friendly, Handwash-Friendly

We found Krya's operations and policies to be of the highest standards as per our ethical rating system. They have a full disclosure of what their products are made of; vouch for not testing on animals and follow, what they call a "people positive" approach. They preferentially hire women from disadvantaged backgrounds and train them, build supplier networks and work with farmers, farm collectives, SHGs, and tribal groups. 

Krya follows a cradle to cradle design, which means all their products can either be reused or recycled. They emphasise minimal wastage. They also have a low carbon-footprint supply chain that ensures sustainable material sourcing, manufacturing processes, transport choices. The detergent is also compostable, 
non-retentive and non-sticky making it consume less water. Also unlike chemical detergents, this does not pollute open water like rivers and oceans if released as waste.

1. Free from harmful synthetics
2. Gentle on your skin. No rashes, allergies or skin infections
3. Helps your fabrics stay brighter, retains their colour and prolongs their life for much longer.
4. The detergent residue can be used in your plants
You have to use the powder in a small cloth bag (provided with the detergent) before you add to your washing machine.