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Kilner grater glass jar set (grater, lid, glass jar)

Made of glass, these stackable bottles are a perfect minimal solution for storing more without taking up space. It does not contain estrogen-mimicking chemicals often found in plastics and makes for a safe substitute.
Unique features You can directly grate cheese and other veggies to store into the glass jar with an attached lid. 3-in-1 function.
Free from Bisphenol A (BPA) and other toxic chemicals. It does not leach any chemicals when exposed to heat or cold or react with liquids inside.
Made in the UK

Glass is one of the most environment-friendly materials. Not only can it be reused, it can also be recycled infinitely. It has a long life unless broken. However, it does not biodegrade if dumped in a landfill or in a water bottle. 
When disposing of a glass product, one should pass it on to a recycler or a scrap vendor or add it to segregated waste. Every 1,000 kgs of waste glass recycled into new items saves 315 kgs of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere during the creation of new glass