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Smartbin air/ compost bin set by greentech life (20l, set of 2 )

  • Kit includes: - 2 smartbin air (20L) bins, 2 strainers, 2 stands, 2 taps, 3 kgs of bio bloom air (should last a nuclear family 30 - 45 days), 2 packets of camphor tablets, 1 pair of rubber gloves, 4 stage ii curing bags
  • Smart kitchen dustbins that transform your food waste to healthy and fertile soil. The smartest, easiest, cleanest and simplest home composting method. Ever
  • Perfect for food waste management and garbage disposal at home. Stops landfills, air and groundwater pollution while improving the lives of waste workers
  • Gives good quality organic manure or compost for all your ornamental, flowering and vegetable plants. Also gives smart brew - the world's best liquid organic fertilizer, drain and toilet cleaner