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Cast iron skillet (8 inches)

Made of handmade Cast Iron. Cast Iron cookware is one of the safest being used around the world. They are naturally non-stick (use less oil), good conductors of heat and release iron upon heating which acts as a dietary nutrient especially for women.
How to maintain Cast iron cookware have a lot of benefits, at the same time, they need maintenance. Other than the fact that they are heavy, they may need an oil seasoning to avoid it from rusting.
Free from toxins like PFOA, PTFE often found in non-stick cookware that leaches into your food when exposed to heat while cooking. 

 It is uniquely and innovatively designed to save fuel up to 30%. It fits to the gas burner in such a way that it does not slip. Flame remains stable even if there is air blow. Cast iron, like steel and copper, can last you for generations. It is nearly indestructible, You can even buy an old, pre-owned rusted cast iron pan, re-season it and use it. It literally lasts forever.