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Reusable cloth menstural sanitary pad - full cycle kit (pack of 7)

Made by Eco Femme, a women-led social enterprise founded in 2010 based out of Auroville. A reusable, 100% pure cotton fabric sanitary pad that is comfortable to wear with a soft flannel top layer and easy to wash and dry. It is waterproof and super-absorbent 

--This kit contains all you need for your full monthly cycle. Includes: 2 Pantyliners, 2 Day pads, 2 Day Pad Plus pads, 1 Night pad, 1 Canvas Travel Pouch, care instructions/tips and menstrual cycle tracking chart/ With leakproof layer.
-- Back layer is made of cotton with leakproof PUL 
-- Closes with one nickel-free metal push button
What they are made of: The pads are made of organic cotton. The top of the pad is made of soft flannel cotton. The inside of the pad is made of ultra-absorbent cotton flannel. The back of the pad is made of a breathable PUL leakproof cover.
How they stay in place The pads have wings which fold around your underwear and are fastened with a press button below. 
How To Wash Cloth pads can be washed easily by hand or in the washing machine. The secret is to first soak the pads in cold water for 30 minutes before washing in up to a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius. Most of the blood comes out in the soaking process. After that, it’s just like washing your clothes
What to do with used pads Soiled pads can be stored by folding the two ends towards the middle, fastening the buttoned flaps and placing them in the carry pouch. This is a clean way to carry them home to be washed at your convenience.
As compared to the single-use pads, these are significantly more environmentally friendly. Even at the end of their life, they are biodegradable, unlike the plastic ones. Each pad can last for up to for 5-6 years. The 4-star rating is due to cotton which is a water-thirsty crop. Otherwise, this is the most eco-friendly hygiene product in the market to date. 

4.0 out of 5 stars

TOP 1000 REVIEWER on 6 April 2018

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"Indeed expensive but worth it for me personally. I got irregular periods after being on medication for long and hated using the sanitary pads so many times in a month. These pads are made of cloths and thus are pretty comfortable. They have decent absorption capacity and a person with average flow wouldn't face any issues. However, if you're a working woman, with a heavy flow.. i am not sure how comfortable these pads would be as you'd definitely need to change one during your work hours and these one can NOT be disposed; unlikely the standard use-&-throw pads! Although, the pack includes a small cloth pouch that can be used to keep the dirty pads while you're out; but I'd personally never want to keep a period-stained bloody pad in my handbag all day long..

Other than that these pads are good. Comfortable, soft on skin and easy to wash! They dry quick and thus one kit should be enough for a period cycle for most women!
Also, the colour didn't wash off after use, unlike some of the reviews stated. Till now I have already used them for 4 period cycles.. and mine didn't leave any colour so far.
Stay hygienic, dear ladies!
Love <3"