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Crores of products. A million online stores. Only 24 hours in the day. 

If we thought that online shopping was going to be a breeze, we were wrong. Very very wrong. The sheer amount of choices available to buy something as simple as a laundry bag is overwhelming. See for yourself:


While we like to believe that the best products make their way to the top 3 pages automatically, it is not so. Many good products get pushed to later pages if they do not fit the bill of the masses. So all those who're looking for something different and new, tend to settle for products they don't really love. 

At Spree, we spend the time to check out thousands of products individually, evaluate them on basis of aesthetics, value and genuineness and only after it qualifies our criteria do we feature them. We seriously mean to unearth the very best of products and make sure they get visibility.

We are already curating the following categories:

1. Fashion

2. Beauty Products

3. Fitness Products

4. Home Décor

and will soon be launching our health, recreation and culture section.

So if you would like to take a shortcut to products of great taste, Spree is the place to be.