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Why Your Home Should Have Bamboo

13 November, 2017 (0) Comments

Why Your Home Should Have Bamboo

It is not easy to draw a direct relationship between what you buy and how it will affect the climate. As consumers, the things we pay most attention to are: looks, durability, and price. But there is a deeper link. For instance, we know that plastic pollutes the ocean and harms the aquatic life. But do the effects go beyond that? When we pollute the environment of aquatic life with plastic, it does not just harm their population, it also becomes food for fish. Instead of eating seaweed, fish often end up eating plastic. This fish is then caught to be consumed by no one, but us. So indirectly plastic finds a way back to our lives. There are  tonnes of other such examples that connect our every day buying with drastic effects to both personal health and the environment. Everything we do follows Newton's third law - to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

To live responsibly hence, it is important that we question how and what products are made of. Bamboo is one of the most promising materials of the future. We spoke to Suzanne Lucas, Founder of the World Bamboo Organisation to learn more about this amazing material. Here is what we uncovered.

1. Bamboo grows faster than any other plant, which means we can rapidly increase forest cover with bamboo plantations and hence reducing rising global temperatures.

2. The complex network of roots of the bamboo plant binds the soil and prevents erosion, giving protection from floods and other natural calamities.

3. It has a tensile strength comparable to steel, which makes it one of the strongest environment-friendly construction material.

4. Some bamboo species consume 35% more CO2 and release 35% more oxygen in the atmosphere, which helps in regulating earth temperatures.

5. It is biodegradable, which means bamboo products can be disposed of easily without worrying about pollution.

6. Bamboo charcoal has huge potential as clean bio-energy and water/air purification methods 

7. Bamboo as an alternative clothing fiber is superior to materials like polyester, nylon, and lycra which are non-degradable.  

8. Bamboo does not harm the environment around it since it does not require any pesticides or fertilizers.

Eight strong reasons to look for products made of Bamboo. By buying bamboo, you not just take a step in the right direction, but you spread awareness to people around you, push more and more entrepreneurs to produce bamboo products and encourage the growth of bamboo around the world. Start today. Check out our bamboo collection.

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