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6 Thoughtful Gifts To Show You Care | Fathers' Day Special

11 June, 2018 (0) Comments

6 Thoughtful Gifts To Show You Care | Fathers' Day Special

Are you are bored of loading your dad with cakes, cards and 'World's Best Dad' mugs? Keep aside the sugarcoated gifts this father's day and try something different.

The trick to finding the right gift for a parent is to listen. Have they been complaining about a product that they need to replace? Do they feel passionate about something but don't want to spend money on it? Make it happen for them!

We did some research and found these incredible products which not only make for amazing gifts but are also kind to the planet.

1. Hydroponics Gardening Kit 

Starter Kit | Health-Friendly

Rs 2799

What is hydroponics? As the name suggests, hydroponics use water instead of soil for plant growth. The best part is, you don't need space to grow veggies with hydroponics. You could be living in a city apartment, and manage to grow your own cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, oregano and salad leaves at home!

Perfect for a dad who loves cooking and experimenting with food.  

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2. Fitness Watch

Activity Tracker | Step-Counter |  Heart-Rate Monitor | Easy-to-use

Rs 1999

Easiest to use fitness watch in the market. The MI band comes with all the requisite specs - a step counter, heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, calories burned, notifications to move, replete with protection from sweat, dust and rust. All made with environment-friendly materials.

Perfect for dads who love working out or focus on health and fitness. 

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3. Precision Safety Razor

Metal Crafted | Built To Last

Rs 1181

The most ideal, pocket-friendly gift. This uber-chic razor includes feather blades made in Japan, regarded best in the world by shaving purists.

Did you know 2 billion razors and cartridges are unceremoniously disposed of each year? Here's how you can help your dad go green in style.

Suited to all dads who shave. Meaning all dads. 

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4. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Made of Bamboo | Dolby HD Quality Audio

| Built-In-Speakerphone 

Rs 7,980

Belongs to the House Of Marley, a legendary audio brand, built on the principles of superior quality and earth-friendliness. Bluetooth connected, Marley’s “Signature Sound” delivers smooth, powerful bass, stunningly precise mids, and an energized high-end.

Every element is artfully considered to the tiniest detail. Using responsibly-sourced materials, the audio line features exclusive recyclable metals, bamboo and certified woods.

Does your dad still struggle with the old CD player, but loves to listen to music? Replace his old music system with this amazing one which is also portable!

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5. Kindle

Paperless | Glare-Free | Adjustable Font Size

Rs 5,999

Does your dad find it difficult to read new books because of eye-strain? Kindle is the kindest solution for any book-loving dad. With the Kindle, you can adjust the font size, carry it everywhere with you, read without backlight glare (common in tablets). What's best is that you can save paper and yet have access to a world of knowledge, fiction and creativity.

Perfect for dads who love to read.

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6. The Great Derangement

Climate Change Awareness

Kindle Version Rs 150

Print Version Rs 330

Written by the author of the beautiful The Hungry Tide and Sea Of Poppies, this book examines our inability at the level of literature, history and politics to grasp the scale and violence of climate change. 

Perfect for a dad is conscious, cares, seeks knowledge and follows his principles in toto.

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